• Amy Whitehall

Electric Youth.

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

Living in Somerset comes with it perks and its downfalls. I have been quite lucky in the fact i have crossed paths with some amazing creatives to work with on shoots. We all bounce off each other amazingly and create great photoshoots that we can feel proud of. Electric Youth was one of these photoshoots.

The Team

Photography / Creative Direction : Marta Klara www.martaklara.com

PR / Assistant : Lisa Hooper

Model : Amie Giselleward.

Makeup: Amy Whitehall

Clothing : Narlaka , The Ugly Girls Club.

The photoshoot had an empowering vibe to it with bold statements with the red lips and bold blue eye shadow there was also an obvious American feel with the diner setting and star boots.

Amie brought the makeup to life with strong poses. Her petite facial features contrasted beautifully against the bold makeup colours.

The staff also loved getting involved giving us props to use and also getting into some of the photos.

This was one of my favourite photoshoots to work on with a full female team we felt unstoppable creating powerful and strong images. Empowered women empowering women.


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